$995 for All Single Family
$199 Add-On Elevations


No one else on the web offers:

Our additional elevations are
delivered as additional separate
plans to build from. This makes
every set of plans "elevation

*Choose a floor plan
*Make foundation selections
*Add up to six front elevations

Even have your plans
engineered and emailed...
and start building right away!


Frequent Asked Questions
Ordering Questions
Plan Questions
General Questions

Ordering Questions

How can I order plans?
Please see the “How To Order” link at the top of the page.
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How long will it take to receive my plans?
Please allow four to six business days from receipt of your payment to receive your plans.
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Why didn’t I get a credit card confirmation after I placed my order?
When your order is placed we only collect credit card information on our secure server. We do not actually charge your credit card until your order is shipped. When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email including your credit card receipt.
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What will I receive in my plan package?
Please see the “What’s Included” link at the top of the page.
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What is the advantage of a PDF file of my plans?
This is the best method of delivery of your plans. We can email them directly to you upon receipt of your payment and you can preserve your master plan set by saving that file. You can then send that file to your local print company and have them print them at full scale on 24x36 paper or at half scale on 11x17. If you have an 11x17 capable printer in your office, you can print your own plans by printing the file at 50% on your 11x17 paper. Many engineers can add notes to the plans and even apply their seal and signature to the PDF file using Adobe software so that you never have to store paper copies.
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Can I return the plans?
Because all of our plans are delivered to you in a reproducible format, returns and refunds are not accepted. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the construction documents please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can resolve your specific concern.
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Once I have purchased my plan package, how many times may I build the plan?
When you purchase a plan from us you are authorized to build that plan as many times as you like. However you are not authorized to give a copy to any other builder, sell the plan, or attempt to claim a copyright of the design. When the plan is purchased it is intended to be used solely by you and your company. You will receive a certificate that entitles you to build our plan multiple times.
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I am a real estate broker and I am purchasing a plan for one of my builders. Can I allow my builder to build this plan multiple times?
Yes! When you purchase the plan, please make sure you put the builder’s company name in for the company name on the order form so that we can issue the “multiple build license” in his/her company name. If you have more than one builder who wants to build the same plan, please contact us to discuss a “multi-builder” agreement.
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What can I do if I have realized that I have ordered the wrong plan?
Once the plan is shipped to you, we can not trade your plans. However, if you have just placed the order and would like to change plans before it ships, please contact us to make arrangements to change the plan model. Please have your order number ready when you contact us.
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Why don’t you offer reproducible vellums as an option for your plans?
Typically the only reason for the reproducible charge is because the vellum can be used to build the same plan repeatedly. At www.PLANSinc.com we know our builders are going to build the plan multiple times, therefore we don’t bother offering the reproducible vellum because the builder has the right to make as many copies as needed to build the plan multiple times. If you need the plans on vellum so you can make adjustments to the plan, by erasing and editing the plans, you can have your local reprographic company make a copy of the plans onto vellum paper.
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Plan Questions

Will my plans be sealed by an engineer or architect?
Due to the various requirements and codes throughout the United States, the builder should have their local engineer and/or architect to verify and specify all structural and code requirements for the area it will be built. Our plans have been drawn according to the 2002 Edition of the International Residential Code (IRC) One and Two-Family Dwellings with amendments from North Carolina. Plansinc.com (a division of BUILDERS PlanSource, Inc.) has provided a drafting service only and shall not be held liable for structural and code components of the plan.
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Do you offer customization of your stock plans?
Yes. We do offer customization services for builders. You may contact us for details and pricing.
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How do you calculate square footage?
You will see that we have three square footage calculations that we include on the plans. We show an “inside of stud”, an “outside of stud” and an “appraisable” square footage. The appraisable square footage of course includes any brick around any heated space. The “outside of stud” calculation is good for paying your framer and other related subs. The “inside of stud” is good for paying your painter and inside trim subs since they only do work inside of the stud area. This break down allows builders to save money on their subcontract pricing. We count two story “open” areas only once and we count stairs on the first floor and the second floor. We also include detailed square footage calculations for garages, porches, add-on options, and other unfinished spaces.
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What if I would like to have a side entry garage rather than a front entry?
Your plan will come with the front load standard and an option for the side load garage already drawn on the plan.
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What ceiling heights are shown on the plans?
A majority of our plans are set up for an 8’-0” ceiling and an optional 9’-0” ceiling on the first floor to allow the builder to choose or offer the upgrade. Most all of our plans have a second floor ceiling height of 8’-0” as a standard.
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Are your plans set up for conventional “stick built” roof and floor systems?
No. All of our plans are designed to have manufactured roof trusses and engineered floor systems with an exception to the crawl space foundations which are conventionally framed.
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What does “Maximum SF” mean in the plan information?
The maximum square footage for a plan means the total possible square footage the plan could ever be based on the plan options that might be included in the purchased set of plans. For example, the great room could be a two story space as a standard with an optional loft or game room that can be added above the great room thus adding square footage to the base house. The maximum square footage would be the total with that option added. This allows the builder to offer the same plan in multiple communities with an option being standard in one community while being a true option in another.
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Do you offer a reversed plan option?
A majority of our customers are production or repeat plan builders. Therefore they will have a “plan hand” change on just about every lot. Most of our builders do not prefer a specific hand that the plan is drawn in originally because they know it will be built repeatedly in a left hand and right hand scenario. However, if you have a specific lot requirement and would like to have your plan reversed, please contact us prior to placing your order for pricing.
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General Questions

How is www.PLANSinc.com and BUILDERS PlanSource, Inc affiliated?
The www.PLANSinc.com site is simply an outlet for plan designs created by BUILDERS PlanSource, Inc. www.PLANSinc.com is just serving as a tool to allow builders to view and purchase our plans.
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While searching for a plan, why does my desired width, square foot range, or home type not show up as a choice?
The search engine on our site only shows the parameters for the plans that we have available. If you do not see it, we either do not have a plan that meets those parameters or we have not uploaded it yet. Please go to “Contact Us” and tell us what you are looking for. We may have your desired plan in the design process or we may be able to give you what you need by modifying an existing design.
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