$1195 for All Single Family
$199 Add-On Elevations



Our additional elevations are
delivered as additional separate
plans to build from. This makes
every set of plans "elevation

*Choose a floor plan
*Make foundation selections
*Add up to six front elevations

Even have your plans
engineered and emailed...
and start building right away!


How to Order

You may order from our website or by calling (toll free) 1-888-539-4600 to speak with a customer service representative.

Order from the website:
The most efficient and quickest way to get your next plan from plansinc.com is to use this website. The site will allow you to take your time and compare plans, compare exteriors, and even get your plans emailed to you right away if you choose. The following steps are provided to clearly guide you through the website ordering process:

Step 1:Search for a plan using our search engine or click on the "plan list" link at the top of the page.

Step 2:After locating a design, click on it to see more details.

Step 3:Click on the floor plans and each of the front elevations that are offered to help you get familiar with all the plan has to offer. (Make note that all images of the elevations and floor plans will be available throughout the ordering process for that plan.

Step 4:Once you decide you would like to order the plan or get a price quote for it, refer to the section at the top right of the page entitled "Build a Plan Package".

To order or get a total price for the desired plan and options, choose the primary foundation type you would like in your set of plans. There will be an opportunity on the next page to add additional foundations but one foundation of your choice is included in the base price of the plan.

Next, choose the primary front elevation you would like in your set of plans. There will be an opportunity on the next page to add additional elevations to your set but one elevation of your choice is included in the base price of the plan. Once you have made both the foundation and elevation selections, click "continue" to move on to additional options.

Step 5:Now you will be directed to the "Additional Options" page. From here you can scroll down the right side of the page and add more foundation types if you plan to build this plan on more than one foundation type. You will also be able to add additional front elevations to your set if you plan to offer this plan in a community setting where you will have the need to offer more than one elevation to your home buyers. There are other options on this page to choose from as well. You will notice that you must always choose an output option. This is how we know what to send you. You may desire large scale prints or small scale prints. By default, we will send you an Adobe PDF file (please see the FAQ section for how a PDF might be used) unless you choose another output option. When you have finished making your additional option choices, click "continue" to add that plan and your choices to your cart.

Step 6:My Cart
Take time to review the plan that was just added to your cart. Verify that the plan id, foundation types, and exterior elevations that are in the description are indeed what you ordered. We have even included the thumbnails of the elevations you chose so you can click on them and verify that those are what you have ordered. You may now "continue shopping" for more plans or "checkout".

Step 7:Upon checkout, you will be asked to input your billing address. It is very important that the billing address match the billing address of the credit card that will be used if applicable. You will also be prompted to tell us where you want it delivered. After proceeding, you will see an order summary of what you have purchased, to whom it will be billed and to whom it will be shipped. It is important that you verify that this information is correct. You will be able to choose to pay by credit card or check.

If paying by credit card, we will collect your credit card information over our secure server and your credit card will not be billed until your order is shipped.

If paying by check, you will receive notification via email with the address and remittance information. Please note that we will not process and prepare your order for shipment until we have received your check.

Order by Phone:
You may call us at 1-888-539-4600 anytime between the hours of 8:30AM and 5:00PM EST to place an order. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have or even walk you through an order online or simply take your order over the telephone. When calling to order, please have your www.PLANSinc.com PlanID number, along with your elevation selections and credit card information ready.